About Us

Hello, We are software developers from Bandung, Indonesia. We hold engineering degrees from the Institute Technology Bandung.

We have been developing applications based on cloud computing technology for several years. Building cloud application is a tough task, and could become a painful journey if the architecture pattern is not well designed.

We support start-up, small businesses, and enterprises to build efficient and scalable cloud native application.



Bagus Dewangga

Software Engineer

Years of experience with architecture, infrastructure and development of microservices software. He build a continue improvement and delivery pipeline using google cloud, digital ocean, kubernetes, gitlab-ci, and travis-ci.

He joined a company that had succeeded in developing microservices-based financial and parking applications. He is also experienced with angular and d3js to develop webapp and data visualization.

Over the past few years it has been learning the most appropriate architecture and infrastructure to develop microservices software. Most recently he developed software to manage large data traffic.

Nur Havid Yulianto

Full Stack Developer

Passionate and enthusiastic in solving business problems through building scalable web application using microservice architecture.

Having experience in test-driven development, domain data driven with clean architecture, event sourcing and CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation).

Design data model as per client’s or business requirements with various relational databases, NoSQL databases, caching systems and full text search engines.

Creating and managing project plan, schedule and resource allocation follows software development life-cycle.



If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.
—Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder, in Big Ball of Mud